How To Care For A Dumpster During Hot Weather

If you are about to rent a dumpster long-term, the hotter weather on the way is something you need to pay attention to. Whether you're getting a large roll-off dumpster for construction site use or a smaller dumspter for an apartment complex, the hot weather can wreak havoc with anything you put in the dumpster that may be able to rot. Even if all you'll put in there are pieces of concrete and wood, you can still take steps to stop the dumpster from becoming too hot to touch.

Keep the Lid Closed

For residential or commercial dumpsters that may have food and drink thrown in them, be sure there is a lid that closes easily -- and stays closed. That helps cut down on odors and the possibility that scavenging critters will get inside to look for food. While it can be annoying to have to raise the lid to dispose of garbage, particularly if the bag is heavy, it makes being in the area a lot easier to deal with.

Hose Down the Interior

On a regular basis, on the day the dumpster is emptied, hose down the empty dumpster and scrub it if needed. If someone's thrown a soda cup in there, for example, the sticky-sweet syrup residue can attract flies. And that's just one particular food. Anything that can rot that ends up on the sides or bottom of the dumpster needs to be cleaned off. You shouldn't have to do a deep clean that often unless people are really throwing a lot of food in there without wrapping it up.

Post or Deliver Instructions on Garbage Wrapping

If you have to, post instructions by the dumpster (or deliver them to tenants) covering how to wrap up garbage. It's not enough to put it in a paper grocery sack and toss it in the dumpster, where it can all tumble out of the sack. Even wrapping it in plastic can be insufficient if the bag isn't fully knotted or tied closed. You may still have to deal with a random passerby tossing something in, but your troubles will be reduced substantially if you can get regular users to wrap things up.

Try to Provide Some Shade

Regardless of what's in the dumpsters, try to locate them where they will be protected from the sun in the afternoon. Not only does that help with odors, but it helps prevent the metal of the dumpster from becoming so hot that people burn themselves accidentally if they brush against the metal. Even the coat of paint on the dumpster doesn't prevent the metal from heating up. It's easy to accidentally touch the metal when throwing something in there, so try to provide some shade.

Talk to the dumpster rental company for more advice on protecting the dumpster, especially larger ones that may need to be out in the open. While the dumpster won't melt, you still need to take precautions so that you aren't dealing with odors and more. Visit websites like to learn more.