How To Give Guests The Most Luxurious Mobile Restroom Experience

When having an outdoor event, one thing that guests dread is to use a cheap mobile restroom. They are cramped and they can diminish a special day, especially during a wedding. There is no reason why a mobile restroom cannot give your guests a luxurious experience. When you choose a beautiful, luxury restroom rental, your guests will not feel uncomfortable using it. Also, there are other ways to improve the restroom without breaking the bank. Read More 

Three Options For Portable Toilets

When you are planning an event, there are so many different things you need to make sure you have for the event to be a success. Other than the obvious things like food and drinks, you also need to make the event as convenient for your guests as possible. From events small to large one thing needs to be included for any outdoor party – bathrooms. When you think portable toilets, you probably think of cramped, dark portapotties. Read More 

How Do Your Hook A Septic Tank To Multiple Homes?

If you have two or more homes that are near each other, it is possible to place all of them under one shared septic system. This is assuming that your local health and building codes allow you to do so, of course. If they do, this can be a very straightforward project that will not take much of your time. How to Determine the Size of the Septic System You will be able to determine the size of the septic system to use by basing it on two factors. Read More 

Do’s And Dont’s When Cleaning A Drain

Slow drains can be smelly, messy, and inconvenient if you have to wait for the water to slowly empty out of your sink or shower. Sometimes, it's possible to clean a drain on your own and get way better performance out of it. Do Be Careful with Liquid Cleaners Liquid cleaners can work wonders on stopped up plumbing fixtures. They help dissolve whatever is causing the problem, as long as it's organic. Read More 

How To Care For A Dumpster During Hot Weather

If you are about to rent a dumpster long-term, the hotter weather on the way is something you need to pay attention to. Whether you're getting a large roll-off dumpster for construction site use or a smaller dumspter for an apartment complex, the hot weather can wreak havoc with anything you put in the dumpster that may be able to rot. Even if all you'll put in there are pieces of concrete and wood, you can still take steps to stop the dumpster from becoming too hot to touch. Read More