How Do Your Hook A Septic Tank To Multiple Homes?

If you have two or more homes that are near each other, it is possible to place all of them under one shared septic system. This is assuming that your local health and building codes allow you to do so, of course. If they do, this can be a very straightforward project that will not take much of your time.

How to Determine the Size of the Septic System

You will be able to determine the size of the septic system to use by basing it on two factors. First, you will need to have the results of your percolation test and, second, the number of bedrooms in the houses. When you are doing it for multiple homes, you will need to combine that information from all the houses involved, and this will help you determine what size will be efficient.

Proper Placement

You should then run a drain line from every home to the septic tank. All the lines will need to run downhill for them to work properly. This might limit your options, but it must be done this way, and you cannot avoid it. All the lines will have to intersect at some point so as to allow one pipe to enter the septic tank.

Field Lines

The field lines will need to be located at a clear, level area where there is enough open space. This is to accommodate the field lines required. How you will lay down the field lines will highly depend on the dimensions of the properties as well as the total footage of the required lines.

Connecting the Tank and Lines

If your tank is located in a place that allows you to use a gravity flow system, all you will need to do is run a drain pipe from the tank to the distribution box. However, if the location does not allow a gravity system, you will have to install a pump in the tank. The pump will pump wastewater to the field lines.

Preventative maintenance

Your septic tank must be installed in such a way that there will be no vehicle traffic over the piping system. Ensure there is no shrubbery or trees that could grow over your field lines either because the roots will enter the piping system and cause damage. As long as you have the required permits to share a septic tank, installing one for multiple homes is not that hard to do. Preventative maintenance, such as septic tank cleaning, will be all the more important when you have a septic tank that's being used by multiple homes.