Three Options For Portable Toilets

When you are planning an event, there are so many different things you need to make sure you have for the event to be a success. Other than the obvious things like food and drinks, you also need to make the event as convenient for your guests as possible. From events small to large one thing needs to be included for any outdoor party – bathrooms. When you think portable toilets, you probably think of cramped, dark portapotties. However, these days there are luxury models to rent. Your guests will be amazed at how the are so clean and easy to use. Read on for more info.

Deluxe Flushable Units

One of the biggest models of portable toilets is the deluxe flushable toilet. This toilet unit has a hands-free flushable toilet on the inside, along with a hands-free sink so your guests can wash their hands, too. It also includes seat covers and a soap dispenser for extra measures against the germs inside the unit. The standard unit has a 70 gallon tank that is attached to it. Once it is full, it will need to be changed or flushed out into an appropriate disposal system before you can use the unit again.

Holding Tank Units

Holding tank units are like the flushable ones but they have a holding tank connected to them. The holding tanks hold at least 250 gallons, but it varies with each model. The system can be connected to multiple units and even any portable sinks that are set up in the area. They are usually used for construction sites, but can work for any event with a lot of guests that will be ongoing for multiple days.


When you have a lot of guests and want to give them something more luxurious than the standard units, you can opt for a trailer unit. The trailers typically come in 2 to 8 stations, with a sink, toilet, and urinal in each unit. Some of the grander ones even have a small shower in them, which can be useful for events with camping or festivals.


When you need to rent a portable toilet, there are several options you can use. Big cities have multiple companies that rent out these types of units. If you want the larger units with newer designs, you may need to call around to locate some since a lot of companies might just have the standard one person unit. Once you locate the right company, they will handle the set up and removal of the toilets.