How To Give Guests The Most Luxurious Mobile Restroom Experience

When having an outdoor event, one thing that guests dread is to use a cheap mobile restroom. They are cramped and they can diminish a special day, especially during a wedding. There is no reason why a mobile restroom cannot give your guests a luxurious experience. When you choose a beautiful, luxury restroom rental, your guests will not feel uncomfortable using it. Also, there are other ways to improve the restroom without breaking the bank.

Going the Extra Mile

Provide as many essentials as possible. Toilet paper and hand soap is one thing, but consider including Q-tips and cotton balls as well. Even if the guest do not use these additional items, they will feel taken care of by having them available. 


Include appropriate decorations wherever you can as long as they don't get in the way. For instance, if there is space, include a vase of fake flowers. These will add something interesting to look at and make the guest feel at home.

Plenty of Space

You will want the mobile restroom to be as large as possible. Guests will feel more comfortable when they do not feel cramped. Also, larger mobile restrooms will accommodate those who would struggle to access a conventional restroom. Multiple guests should be able to walk inside, get ready and use the bathroom. The largest mobile restrooms come with multiple enclosed stalls so you only need to order one.

Beautiful Decor

What guests usually expect with a portable restroom is a blue facility with a plastic gray toilet. When your guests are provided with something more appealing, they will be surprised because you will exceed their expectations. For instance, if your bathroom comes with a hardwood floor or tile, marble countertops and hardwood cabinets, guests will feel more comfortable. Even simulated wood looks much nicer than hard plastic.

Sparkling Clean

Make sure that the bathroom is cleaned well. The mirrors shouldn't have smudges and the toilets should always be scrubbed clean. Even with the nicest mobile restroom, if they are not clean, no one will want to use them.

The Basic Necessities

The best mobile restrooms will come in the form of trailers. They will need to be hooked up to running water. They should also come with heating and air conditioning. Guests who are freezing or very hot will only think about how comfortable they are and not notice the nice mobile restroom.

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