Five Roll-Off Dumpster Mistakes

Cleaning out or demolishing a property structure will mean that all manner and types of waste are generated. You're likely to require more than just a few trash cans; roll-off dumpsters often make better sense. Such an easy decision is sometimes made more difficult by mistakes; avoid these.

Ignoring Permits

Your thoughts are probably already on the task at hand, as cleaning up or cleaning out a structure takes work and time. One aspect you might completely ignore is whether permits will be required by your city; you probably don't even think such things apply to you. However, many municipalities will ask for residents to gain permits for large objects like dumpsters. Ignore these documents at your own risk; fines could be waiting for you.

Going Too Small

It's easy to underestimate how many materials you'll want to use the roll-off for. Your first estimate could mean that multiple dumpsters are needed because you cannot overfill a small one. Use roll-off rental guidelines set by the company to gauge your own structure so you can smartly estimate how many roll-offs you'll need.

Improper Placement Planning

Roll-offs are not only large but heavier than expected. Your lawn is a terrible location for them. Not only could a roll-off leave a permanent, unsightly indentation, but if rain falls, soil could shift, and re-loading the dumpster onto a truck could become almost impossible. Therefore, driveways or streets are better for placement. If you're concerned about a surface, get thick wood panels and have the dumpster placed there.

Dumping Forbidden Materials

Disposing of different materials seems natural for the work you're doing. However, understand that companies will not accept paint, hazardous chemicals, tires, and similar objects. Don't imagine that you'll be able to hide materials or that no one will notice. You can expect multiple additional fees for unaccepted items. The rental company must go through the trouble to clean their equipment or otherwise dispose of materials they didn't want in the first place.

Ignoring Neighbors

You might think disposal is your personal business and have no intention of involving neighbors. However, it's better to give everyone a little heads-up about your roll-off. Noise from unloading the dumpster is sure to be noticed, and it would be appreciated for neighbors to know that's coming.

Avoid these mistakes. The roll-offs used can enable timely disposal without much stress. Rental companies will talk you through their process, and your task can be done satisfactorily.