Providing Portable Restroom Facilities For Your Event

When you are planning to host an event, providing enough portable restrooms can be an important part of the planning process that people will often fail to effectively address. If you are wanting to minimize the risk of complications occurring with this important part of your planning work, there are several common oversights to be especially diligent about avoiding.

Renting Too Few Portable Restrooms For The Expected Crowd

Failing to provide enough portable restrooms can be a mistake that will drastically impact the experience of those attending your event. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that is often made as a result of cost-cutting measures, but it can have a disproportionate impact on the ability of your guests to relieve themselves. When deciding on the number of portable restrooms that you will need, it is advisable to assume that demand will actually be higher than the number of guests attending would indicate. This is particularly important when you will be providing food and beverages at the event. Luckily, many portable restroom rental services will offer discounts for bulk numbers of portable restroom rentals, which can make it easier to strike the right balance between availability and cost.

Not Considering The Needs Of Those With Mobility Impairments When Renting And Placing Portable Restrooms

The number of portable restrooms that you provide is not the only consideration when you are planning. It is also necessary to be mindful of where the portable restrooms are located. More specifically, they should be as accessible as possible so that those with mobility issues will be able to easily access them. This is necessary for all of the portable restrooms that you are providing as there are individuals with mobility issues that may not require a wheelchair or crutches but that may create challenges with navigating rough terrain.

Failing To Check And Stock The Portable Restrooms At Regular Intervals

The portable restrooms that you have provided are likely to experience considerable use from those attending your event. Failing to periodically check these facilities can be a mistake that may cause you to be unaware of one or more of these facilities being inoperable. In addition to checking these facilities at the end of the day, you or a member of your staff may want to check on these facilities every few hours. This will allow for problems with the restroom to be identified and corrected as soon as possible so they will have as minimal an impact on the event as possible.

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